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The 2017/2018 PMAHA Awards Presentation & Annual General Meeting is set for April 26th and we need you to contribute:

* your photos of events (for the annual year-in-review slideshow), and team photos if you won/win a PCAHA league or playoff banner. Email me directly with photos or links to a cloud storage of your choice. Deadline is April 8th.

* your nominations for the PMAHA Awards. This is a great chance to recognize someone in your Hockey Association. Absolute deadline for nomination is April 1st. Email me your nominees and a brief rationale for your selection. The executive would like to begin the candidates review as soon as possible so please submit your entries right away.

Award categories are as follows:

Player of the Year

Awarded to player based on overall hockey ability, attitude in the sport, desire to succeed, attendance, and performance in school. Exhibits additional efforts towards hockey other than playing, such as refereeing or mentoring of younger players, etc.. – Atom & above

Coach of the Year

Coach who instills sportsmanship, winning attitude and dedication to their team. Coaches can be from any division and level

Todd Ervin Award

The individual must be a player in the Midget division who best exemplifies dedication, a love of the game and a willingness to work hard on his own behalf and for the good of the team. Must display a sense of fairness to both the opposition and his own team. While the ability level of the player should be reasonably good, it should always be taken in context with the above criteria.

PMAHA Scholarship Award

Midget player/Referee (must be in grade 11 or 12) who has showed good sportsmanship, leadership and character. Also based on hockey ability and performance, good school grades and community participation.

Michael Robinson Award

Player with perspective, determination and dedication. Has managed to overcome an obstacle. – All divisions

Team of the Year

Based on yearlong statistics, overall attitude, parental support, community outreach and the ability to overcome obstacles. Atom & up.

Parent of the Year

Works on behalf of the Executive and Team. Excellent attitude and shows availability to assist when needed.

Goalie of the Year

Overall hockey ability, attitude, desire, attendance, and school results. Exhibits additional efforts towards hockey other than playing, such as refereeing, helping other coaches, etc. – Atom & above

Inside Edge/Innovative Fitness Development Award

The award goes to the graduating Bantam player that has exemplified an ambition to play at a higher level and has demonstrated this intention through hard work and leadership on his team over the past season.

Siber Spirit of Excellence Award

The award goes to the player who demonstrates leadership, a positive attitude, sportsmanship, and is a community-driven individual – Atom & above

Thanks all,

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Final Four Bound x 3!!!

Posted by Dave Zille - PMAHA Communications at Feb 28, 2018 10:26PM PST ( 0 Comments )

This is a fun time of year for hockey playoffs, especially for our Bantam A1, Midget A1 , and Midget A2 boys as they enter this weekend competing in their Final Four tournaments to earn a spot in their respective BC Hockey Provincial Championships.

Bantam A1-T2 will be in North Delta this weekend and Midget A2-T3 in North Surrey for their respective contests but Midget A1 is hosting the Tier 2 Final Four games right here in Port Moody. Come down to the rink on Friday @ 6pm, Saturday @ 615pm and Sunday @ 645pm to show your support and Panther pride.

Good luck to all three teams this weekend!


I’ll tell ya why you should go…

Recognition of Achievements
Come find out who won and cheer on and celebrate the recipients of the PMAHA Achievement Awards and team banners. And although Sharron hasn’t asked me to put one together yet, the year-in-review slideshow is always a hit. Call for nominations and slideshow photos will be going out soon so stay tuned!

Get Informed
The purpose of the AGM is to give its members a report on the association’s activities and finances for the previous season, and to allow time for members to ask questions. It is the perfect place to address the association on association-related matters. Come be part of the process.

Executive Board Renewal
There are many reasons why someone would volunteer for the exec. For me, it was a chance to give back to a group that has given me and my 3 kids the experiences that we will remember for the rest of their lives. I am very proud of this exec group but there is always room for new perspective. I ask you to find your reason why you will step forward and reach out to Sharron directly ( The following positions are up for re-election:
- President
- 2nd VP
- Treasurer
- Risk Manager
- Communications Manager
- Coach Coordinator
- Ice Coordinator
- Tournament Coordinator

The AGM is in the Inlet Theatre on Thursday, April 26 at 6pm. See you all there.

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Play Port Moody Lacrosse - No Experience Required!

Posted by PMAHA at Feb 23, 2018 7:24AM PST ( 0 Comments )

Registration for Port Moody Lacrosse is closing in the next few weeks and we would like to invite any Port Moody Hockey family to join us and be eligible for a $25 discount per player.

Lacrosse is a very community oriented sport so if you know parents already registered with Port Moody Lacrosse you can combine this with the PMAHA referral and they will receive a $50 rebate off their registration fees also.

Sign-up now via

Lacrosse is a great alternative or addition to Spring Hockey for your player, the short Box season runs from April thru June and is great for cardio, building character and teamwork. The two sports go stick in hand – your helmet and shoulder pads from hockey will also transfer across. No prior experience is required to start to play at any age from 5+, boys & girls are both welcome (female-only teams are formed from age 9). Goalies – all equipment is provided free of charge!

If you don’t believe us, here is a short video of Wayne Gretzky with Ron McLean talking about how hockey players should play box lacrosse to improve their hockey training…

We know you love our National Winter Sport, why not try out our National Summer Sport also.

Regards Allen Wales
1st Vice President
Port Moody Lacrosse Association


at the Herb House Memorial -Midget C. After a hard fought battle to clear the path into semis, Port Moody Midget C3 swept Langley with a 7-0 victory to claim the trophy! Way to represent!