Posted by Dave Zille - PMAHA Communications on Nov 17 2016 at 01:54PM PST

Forgive my repetition… apparently some of you have not received the earlier reminders…

  1. First and foremost, David Wong is your man for all things Picture Day related.
  2. Schedule has been revised and FINALIZED (below). Please disregard earlier schedule versions. This is the ONE.
  3. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled slot. With the Winter Farmer’s Market it promises to be a very busy day.
  4. Please wear full gear except helmets.
  5. Make sure they wear the same color jersey. I will leave the coordination of this to the team managers.
  6. Mouthguards by Safeplay (aka ’the Mouthguard Ladies) will be setting up a table along side our PMAHA apparel table. Bring $$ if you are interested.
  7. Bring your non-perishable food donations for our annual SHARE food drive to win a free ice time.
  8. Bring your completed order form.
  9. MANAGERS – If you still haven’t picked them up,… picture order form packages are available for pick up by the mailboxes below the hockey office. Please distribute ASAP and email/Teamsnap your team with the latest schedule info in case someone on your team is not getting these announcements.

The REVISED and FINAL schedule is as follows:

  • 7:00AM H1
  • 7:08AM H3.1
  • 7:16AM vacant
  • 7:24AM Atom A1
  • 7:32AM Atom A2
  • 7:40AM Peewee A1
  • 7:48AM vacant
  • 7:56AM H4.1
  • 8:04AM H4.2
  • 8:12AM Midget C1
  • 8:20AM Peewee A2
  • 8:28AM Bantam C1
  • 8:36AM Atom C1
  • 8:44AM Break
  • 9:24AM H3.3
  • 9:32AM H3.2
  • 9:40AM Peewee C2
  • 9:48AM Bantam A1
  • 9:56AM Atom C2
  • 10:04AM Midget C3
  • 10:12AM Bantam C2
  • 10:20AM Bantam A2
  • 10:28AM Midget A2
  • 10:36AM Midget C4
  • 10:44AM H2.1
  • 10:52AM H2.2
  • 11:00AM Peewee C1
  • 11:08AM Referees


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