Play Port Moody Lacrosse - No Experience Required!

Posted by PMAHA on Feb 23 2018 at 07:24AM PST

Registration for Port Moody Lacrosse is closing in the next few weeks and we would like to invite any Port Moody Hockey family to join us and be eligible for a $25 discount per player.

Lacrosse is a very community oriented sport so if you know parents already registered with Port Moody Lacrosse you can combine this with the PMAHA referral and they will receive a $50 rebate off their registration fees also.

Sign-up now via

Lacrosse is a great alternative or addition to Spring Hockey for your player, the short Box season runs from April thru June and is great for cardio, building character and teamwork. The two sports go stick in hand – your helmet and shoulder pads from hockey will also transfer across. No prior experience is required to start to play at any age from 5+, boys & girls are both welcome (female-only teams are formed from age 9). Goalies – all equipment is provided free of charge!

If you don’t believe us, here is a short video of Wayne Gretzky with Ron McLean talking about how hockey players should play box lacrosse to improve their hockey training…

We know you love our National Winter Sport, why not try out our National Summer Sport also.

Regards Allen Wales
1st Vice President
Port Moody Lacrosse Association


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